The CSSA provides NSW, ACT and international secondary schools with
high quality Trial HSC Examinations

Monday 1st August to Monday 15th August with a security period up to and including 8am, Thursday 18 August 2022.
Online ordering is available from 9am, Monday 14 February 2022 (Week 4, Term 1) and now until 9am, Friday 8 April 2022 (Week 11, Term 1).
As of 2022, examinations that have recordings will be provided on a USB (only) i.e. Music 1, Music 2 and EAL/D Listening examinations.
Please note the new email address to contact the CSSA (for schools and colleges only).

Ordering for 2022

Online ordering will open in early February 2022.
Online ordering is open until 9am, Friday 1 April 2022.
Schools must also contact the CSSA regarding CSSA Trial HSC Examinations Disability Provisions by 9am, Friday 1 April 2022 (Week 10, Term 1).

Examination Notes

The CSSA does not supply schools with examination writing booklets for extended responses, these will need to be provided by the school.
CSSA Trial HSC Examinations with short answer responses will have writing space for students within the examination.

Past Examinations

The CSSA does not sell past CSSA Trial HSC Examinations.
Please understand that due to copyright we cannot produce electronic examinations or past CSSA Trial HSC Examinations.

About CSSA

The CSSA Trial HSC Examinations program has been in place since the Higher School Certificate Examination was introduced in 1967. The CSSA has operated for near on twenty-five years to provide NSW, ACT and international secondary schools with high-quality Trial HSC Examinations. Our contributors have syllabus expertise and extensive teaching experience to create Trial HSC Examinations.

Contact Us

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